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Micro Cheek Single Ear Headstall for No Hit Bit, Jarrett Gag, Similar Long Shanked Bits with Your Choice of Hardware

Micro Cheek Single Ear Headstall for No Hit Bit, Jarrett Gag, Similar Long Shanked Bits with Your Choice of Hardware

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Extra-extra short for extra-extra long bits! Our specialty "Micro Cheek" headstalls made for No Hit Bits, Jarrett gags, and other similar bits with looooong shanks. This headstall has a sliding single ear. This headstall only has one buckle for adjustment so the sliding ear has more room to be slid into the proper position to clear the horse's ear comfortably. This headstall is made with our signature dark chocolate bridle leather and is lined with durable, sweat resistant oil tan leather. Handmade from scratch in our shop in rural Stephenville, TX.

HARDWARE OPTIONS: Choose the conchos and buckles you'd like from the list above. You can conveniently view photos of all of the conchos/buckles on this page of our website: (opens in new tab/window)

SIZING INFORMATION: This headstall is available in two lengths: 9" shank headstall: adjusts from approx 21" - 27" with existing holes. 7" shank headstall: adjusts from approx 28" - 34" with existing holes. To determine which headstall will fit your horse, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND measuring your existing headstall and comparing that measurement with the measurements provided for this headstall. It does take some effort on your part to measure your horse, but that will ensure that you order the correct size. More detailed information about sizing is available at this link: (opens in new tab/window)

ABOUT OUR LEATHER: This item is made from our signature, highly acclaimed dark chocolate bridle leather. This leather is vegetable tanned, then hot stuffed with oils and tallows. This process gives the leather a smooth, rich feel. It also makes the leather weather resistant, durable and easy to maintain. This leather is drum dyed for uniform color. The tannery that produces this leather for us is incredibly consistent. We only purchase grade 1 hides (best quality, least number of defects), not a tannery run mix of lower grades. Our headstalls are lined with chrome tanned buffalo hide, which is amazingly tough and sweat resistant, adding to the durability and maintenance ease of our products.


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