Do you do custom orders?
No, absolutely not.

What if I paid extra?

Okay, but it's not really custom, I just want you to change a bunch of things about this item to fit my specifications.


Is this item in stock?
If you can add it to your cart, it is in stock and ready to ship. We occasionally offer pre-order items, but those are very clearly designated as such.

I just placed an order on the website, can I change it?
No. The terms you agreed to at the bottom of the checkout page when you placed your order clearly state that orders cannot be altered, canceled or combined to ship with another order after they are placed. The exact items you ordered will ship to the address you provided. Absolutely no exceptions, so please double check your order before placing it.



How much is shipping?
Just add the items you'd like into your cart, put in your zip code or post code and our checkout system will tell you how much the shipping will be for those items. No need to go any further on the order than that!

How fast will my order be shipped?
Orders for in-stock items are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) after they are placed. Orders shipping within the United States are shipped by USPS Priority Mail (delivers in 2-3 days nationwide). International orders are shipped by USPS International Priority Mail (delivers in 6-10 business days worldwide, unless the box is delayed in customs). Express shipping is not available.

Do you ship internationally?
Short answer: Yes and no.

Long answer: Our Fabric Use Agreement with Pendleton® Woolen Mills restricts us from shipping items made with Pendleton® Wool outside of the USA and Canada, so our website only accepts orders that ship to addresses within the USA and Canada. However, if you are outside of the USA/Canada and would like to order any items that do not contain Pendleton® Wool, please contact us with the items you would like and your shipping address so we can quote you a price on shipping. If you would like to place the order, we would email you a PayPal invoice (can be paid with any card, no PayPal account required). We know this is a cumbersome way of taking international orders, but technology would not allow us to restrict shipment of specific items to specific countries and we need to operate within the agreed upon restrictions of the Fabric Use Agreement, so this is all we got.



1) Do you sell wholesale? No, we do not.

2) Will you hold this item for me? No, we do not allow holds for any reason. All items are for sale until an order for that item is completed and paid.

3) Will you sponsor me or my event? We are not looking for anyone or anything new to sponsor right now. We do not collect or save information about people or events that request sponsorship. Due to time constraints and the incredible number of requests we receive, requests for sponsorships will not be answered.

4) Do you have a storefront? No. We are online only.

5) Do you allow local pickups? No. But shipping to local Texas addresses is automatically FREE when you checkout on our website. No coupon code needed :)

6) Can I come to your shop? No, please don't. Our manufacturing facility is not open to the public. It is located on private property and we ask that folks please be respectful of that.

7) Do you still repurpose designer purses? No, we do not. And we do not allow customers to send us their designer bags for revamp or repurposing either. We are completely out of that game.

8) I found this item on Pinterest but it's not on your website? Our own Running Roan Tack board that we manage on Pinterest is up to date with products we currently offer. HOWEVER... there are items that have been pinned by other Pinterest users over the years that are still visible on Pinterest. We cannot delete those old pins on other peoples' boards. I wish we could, but we can't. Attempting to shop on Pinterest is confusing and terribly frustrating for this very reason.

9) Do you do repairs? We will repair Running Roan Tack brand items only. Charges may apply. Contact us with pictures of damages for quote on repairs. Repair charges must be paid in full before we will accept an item for repair.

10) Do you make all this stuff? Yes. It's all made in our workshop in rural Stephenville, Texas.