Mini Saddle Bags

These are made to hold your phone, keys, roping powder, etc! Our mini saddle bags are 7" tall and 5" long, so even the largest smartphones with cases will fit! And because these are shaped like a pouch, there is still room in the bag for other small items (like your keys) along with your phone. Quickly and easily attaches to the back cinch billet of your saddle, no tools required. The back and the flap of our mini saddle bags are made from durable, sweat resistant leather so they'll last for years!

WHY A BUCKLE CLOSURE? WOULDN'T VELCRO OR A SNAP BE EASIER? We get people questioning the buckle closure sometimes and here is what we found from the 20+ prototypes we made and tested for several months before releasing the mini saddle bags to sell. We tried several different types of velcro closures and none of them stayed sticky enough to be secure for very long, even with regular cleaning of the velcro. When a horse is moving at full speed and the contents inside the saddle bag are moving around, it puts a lot of pressure on the closure. If the closure fails and the the bag pops open, there goes your phone and whatever else is in the bag. We also tried several versions of non-magnetic snaps. Same thing as the velcro, the snaps did not hold reliably. Phones were lost after a gallop through and again after a horse did a full body shake. Also, these were difficult to snap closed without applying concentrated pressure on them and the contents underneath of the bag underneath the snap. After a resulting damaged phone screen, we decided that wasn’t the best option either. We also tried several different types of magnets. Again, they weren’t strong enough to hold the flap reliably. After some research, we discovered that Apple does not recommend magnets in accessories, as it could damage the phone: 

So after all that testing, we found the buckle closure to be the best option to keep the bag closed, all contents securely contained and no risk of internal damage to the phone. We were the first company to make these and we really did our homework, so we could provide a product that performed well.

We are currently shipping to USA and Canada only.