Micro Cheek Browband Headstall for No Hit Bit, Jarrett Gag, Similar Long Shanked Bits with Your Choice of Hardware

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 Extra, extra short or extra, extra long bits! Our specialty "Micro Cheek" headstalls made for No Hit Bits, Jarrett gags, and similar bits with looooong shanks. We offer two sizes: one for a 7" shank No Hit Bit and one for a 9" No Hit Bit. These headstalls work for other types of bits besides No Hit Bits too. Here are the measurements of our two sizes of headstalls so you can see if they will work with your bit. Browband and throatlatch for increase stability and security. Order it with your choice of hardware from the list above.

9" shank headstall: adjusts from approx 21" - 27" with existing holes.

7" shank headstall: adjusts from approx 28" - 34" with existing holes.


More detailed information about sizing is available at this link: (opens in new tab/window)


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