"Haywire" Chocolate Browband SHORT CHEEK Headstall with White Buckstitch and YOUR CHOICE of Copper Conchos and Matching Buckles by Running Roan Tack

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Our "Haywire" style headstall with traditional, eye catching, white kangaroo buckstitch that is always in style. This is a browband headstall with a throatlatch. This headstall is made from rich, dark chocolate brown bridle leather tanned from US steer hides. Choose the copper conchos and buckles you'd like from the list above. As you select each option from the list, the display photo will change so you can see what the headstall will look like with the hardware you select. This headstall is our short cheek size, adjusting from about 29"-37" in length from bit end to bit end with the existing holes. This size works well with gag bits or bits with long purchases. They also work well for horses with petite heads, small horses or large ponies. To determine if this headstall will fit your horse, we highly recommend measuring your existing headstall and comparing that measurement with the measurements provided for this headstall. It does take some effort on your part to measure your horse, but that will ensure that you order the correct size.

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