Hand Braided Leather Cross Body or Shoulder Strap with Clips for Small Handbag

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Hand braided leather cross body handbag strap. Four plait round braid so it's comfortable to wear. Trigger snaps make it easy to attach/detach this strap. Strap is approximately 54" overall length. This is an approximation, the strings are hand cut and the strap is hand braided, so length will vary slightly. This strap suitable as a cross body or a long shoulder strap. Your choice of color for the clips. WARNING: DO NOT USE THESE AS REINS. THEY ARE NOT STRONG ENOUGH FOR THAT AND THEY WILL FAIL. THESE ARE HANDBAG STRAPS ONLY. DON'T USE THESE AS REINS BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT REINS. ONE MORE TIME...NOT. REINS.

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