Cocoa Boot Top Mini Saddle Bag with Your Choice of Buckle and Fringe for Phone, Keys, Roping Powder, etc

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You have chosen Cocoa Boot Top as the hide you would like. Now choose the buckle you would like from the list (click each option and display photo will change to a close up of the buckle). The metal dots on the flap will match the color of the buckle you select. Then indicate if you would like rustic brown fringe on the sides of the bag.

Our mini saddle bags are a pouch that attaches to your rear cinch billet so your phone, keys, etc can ride with you! Mini saddle bag has dual points of attachment (leather loop and leather tie), so it stays put and won't flap around. You can easily and quickly remove the mini saddle bag to switch saddles (no tools required). Buckle keeps top flap closed securely. Pouch measures 5" wide x 7" tall (not including flap) and expands to about 1-1/2" wide. It will easily fit all iPhone models (Plus and Max included) and similarly sized phones with room to spare so you can throw in your keys or other small item. Please note: your saddle must have a rear cinch billet to attach this bag. Refer to example photo showing one of these bags on a saddle.

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